Jerry Courvoisier’s View

The iPhone’s Incredible Benefit to Photography!

Become the “Ultra Lite” Photographer.
Pack Light, Carry Less and Enjoy it More.

Given the significant enhancements in iPhone cameras over the past few years, it’s no surprise more amateurs and pros alike depend on the phone in their pocket as their carry-around camera. As always, the best camera is the one you have with you. Recently many of my friends in the photographic community have given up hauling around a dedicated camera system because it simply isn’t as convenient as using their iPhones!

During the evolution of any thing new in photography traditionalists are always resistant to change. Don’t let that stop you as in this instance the iPhone camera has proven to be more than a significant innovation. Now it’s time to enthusiastically embrace and integrate the iPhone into your photographic experience.

The convenience, easy access and outstanding technical capability of the iPhone camera means it has become the new standard camera to use.  Just think, no more heavy gear to lug around, encumbering those great shots. And then there is the comfort of knowing you will never be without your camera again.

For me, I relish the freedom to embrace my creative spirit within the moment.  With ease I can capture stills, time-lapse photos, panoramas, videos, slow motion and audio. And with the continual development of inexpensive applications (Apps) the controls become a fully integrated part of the iPhone camera.  With easy use of exposure metering, areas of frame focus and zooming all you need do now is concentrate on your creativity. And there are so many apps now allowing my post image processing to be moved to a mobile platform when it suites.

So for now the Digital SLR is on the shelf, yet easily retrieved when I have a specific need to use “equipment”.  Or if away from my home base, I can always rent cameras and gear at great rates if I feel the sudden need to photograph wildlife in the field, or close-up objects etc.

Traveling is now the ultra lite experience, the phone fits nicely and discretely in my shirt pocket, so incredibly accessible and I no longer stand out like a tourist.  While I have recently seen some new variations of digital cameras being attached to an iPhone, I somehow feel this misses the mark creating an iPhone that is no longer the great pocket devise.

The most significant contrast to my DSLR camera is the freedom to pursue an unburdened creative lifestyle without all the various batteries and lenses and odds and ends to lug around and keep track of. And with the Wi-Fi connected Cloud services and many of the photo transfer apps I can eliminate the multiple and frequent time consuming backups that use to be an essential part of the organizational process.

I personally love the new free sprit ultra lite-load approach. If you are not ready to jump in with both feet and experience separation anxiety, from the old form factor, then experiment with this new approach to photography in small bits to ease into the integration and transition of a whole new way of capturing, sharing and printing your photography.

If you still feel the iPhone format can’t achieve the resolution you require or the multi focal length, mega pixel professional photographic standard, test out the smaller format Digital SLRs with the compact lenses in your transitional stage.  Again renting for a specific purpose can certainly allow you to become comfortable with your “planned” projects and support your local retailers who generally are most happy to have you test-drive new equipment.

Having expressed all this, I still work exclusively with Lightroom and Photoshop to organize, develop and share my photography whether it’s on the desktop or mobile platform. The complementary mobile apps being developed today and tomorrow will further complement and enhance my Photographic Life.

Here are a few little nuggets to consider, as we contemplate the future of photography.

1.  Apple sold 47.5 million iPhones in the 3 months prior to 06. 28 2015
2.  Apple sells 770,000 iPhones every 2 days currently
3.  Total iPhone sales worldwide since 2007  500,000,000