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One-on-One Online with Jerry Courvoisier is a private, comprehensive, interactive approach to learning Lightroom. Customized for what you want to learn in the comfort of your own home or studio.

One-on-One Online is great for people who prefer to work outside of the group workshop environment, have schedules that don’t work well with my workshop calendar or need help with a project or an idea that just doesn’t seem to fit within the boundaries of my workshops.

Past One-on-One Online participants have experienced how being fully engaged is naturally quicker with this type of “hands on” instruction. .

One-on-One Online saves you a considerable amount of time and money by customizing the working sessions to your unique interests and requirements. I provide instruction based on actual real world experiences that go beyond anything that can be obtained from books, videos and seminars.

2000 plus workshop participants:  Having worked with 2000 plus workshop participants with my operation, I provide the expertise required to help guide you through all the stages of learning Lightroom. By equipping you with a personal “roadmap” of what to do and when to do it, I can break down the process into practical steps with instruction based on your learning style so that it becomes a positive learning experience.

For a “limited time” I am offering a 30% discount on a 6 hour package of One on One Online instruction. Normally the hourly rate for the personalized instruction is billed at $100.00 per hour or the six hour block at $600.00. The discounted offer is a 6 hour package price at $420.00. The sessions are split into separate segments, Two 3 hour or three 2 hour sessions over the course of 30 Days. Please look at the Specifics tab under the FAQs outlined on the right.

FAQs One-on-One Online

A: Contact me via E-mail to express your interest and I can set-up pre-session phone call.
A: For the One-on-One Online package I work with clients in 3-month booking periods. The package is a minimum of six hours, with an initial session of four hours and then a follow-up session for two hours or two three hour sessions. Additionally I am available to answer questions via email, as needed for a period of 30 days after completing your six hour session block. Due to the amount of detailed, individualized, and collaborative work I do with each client, I only work with 10 one-on-one Online clients per month.
A: The online connection will be via the GoTo Training Platform a fast and easy to use system. Your online sessions with me are absolutely secure. The automatic setup takes just a minute or two, and no configuration on your part is required. GoToTraining works with a Mac or PC and enables you to work with me online with just a few clicks.
Using this secure web technology we can share our computer screens. I can see and view in real time Lightroom on your personal computer and work through your specific questions. You can also see a live view of my screen as I demonstrate or suggest new ways to approach your workflow.
Your One-on-One Online sessions can be recorded for future reference.
A: While online instruction does not replace my traditional on location 2-day intensive workshop model, the ability to customize the 7-hour package to what you specifically want to learn, can be a highly effective way to take your photography to the next level.

Together we will determine the specifics of your interests with a phone conversation. Examples could include but are not limited to certain areas that you may feel a bit over whelmed or stuck on – say, organizing and setting up a Lightroom catalog, managing the file directory structure in the library module, lost images, working with metadata, when and how to use keywording, using the develop module effectively, creating slideshows, books, and prints etc. Together we will create the roadmap that will provide the help you need. We will examine what may be holding you back, and we’ll change what’s not working.

A: My schedule can be flexible so appointments can be made that may fall outside of normal business hours. And can be set up to work within specific time zones
A: The One on One Online six hour session package is currently discounted by 30% to $420.00 per person for a limited time. Time spent establishing the connection and getting set up is not considered part of the official session time.
A:Sure the Two on One Online 6 hour package works well and gives you the opportunity to learn and share your experience with learning Lightroom. The cost is $650.00 for a Two on One Online with the cost split between the two participants. ($325.00 each)
A: Yes, I’m happy to set this up for you. Please Contact me at