Short Course Lightroom Mobile cc Workshops

Lightroom Mobile, the camera App you carry around in your pocket! Adobe has created the essential tool to navigate the mobile photography workflow.

My approach as always, is to have workshop participants work “Hands On”.

I’m now now offering 3-Short Course, 2-Hour ZOOM workshops. These Lightroom mobile specific workshops provide a wealth of information in a “hands-on, screen sharing” environment.  I have used Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile cc through all of the prerelease and development stages since it’s release in February of 2007. I authored a foundation book in 2007 “Lessons in DSLR Workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop” in the early stages of Lightroom’s development. My experience provides the most current insight into the how and why Lightroom Mobile cc is an effective tool to enhance your photography.

The Short Course format I developed works with a series of downloadable image files to demonstrate the fundamental process of the Lightroom Mobile cc workflow. These images allow participants to follow along with the instruction. Because of the small workshop size, workshops are limited to 4 participants. As with all my instruction,  asking questions is an important part of the process and can be addressed easily in this online ZOOM format.  This is not a talking head lecture but an engaging “hands on” workshop exploring the Lightroom Mobile cc  features.

$125.00 is the cost of a single short course. Click on a workshop Date and Time to Register.

2020 LR Mobile Short
Course Workshops: Dates and Times

(Workshop times are listed in MT zone)