iPhone Photography Essentials Workshop

2 hour ZOOM Workshop limited to 3 Participants

$125.00 is the cost of this short course workshop.

This Zoom workshop is your opportunity to learn how the iPhone is more than just a phone / camera. The iPhone is a powerful creative tool and as an iPhone photographer, you have a Phone/Camera/Audio and Video Media Device in the palm of your hand for “in the moment” instantaneous capture. Explore how to capture available light, flash, long exposures, time lapses, panoramas and video clips with your iPhone.

Required equipment to attend :

  • iPhone
  • Computer with good internet connection
  • ZOOM account (free subscription level is sufficient@www.zoom.us)

Build expertise in this HANDS ON iPhone Workshop

Starting with the basics, learn to use your iPhone camera as an essential tool to enhance your photography

  • Become familiar with the iPhone camera navigation and settings
  • Learn the the best way to take sharp photos
  • Learn to use the Auto Exposure and Auto Focus features (AE/AF).
  • Learn a step-by-step method for taking panoramic photos
  • Learn to use the Burst Mode feature to capture multiple images and sort through burst photos to quickly select your best shots
  • Learn to use the Portrait Mode feature to make portraits with a soft, blurred backgrounds
  • Learn to use the Portrait Lighting feature to take portraits that emulate studio photography lighting
  • Learn to use the new ultra-wide lens
  • Understand the “Live Photos” mode
  • Learn to use the  Video feature to record and produce amazing clips for sharing
  • Learn when to use the Long Exposure feature
  • Explore Time Lapse photography
  • Learn to back up your iPhone photos
  • Learn to use Airdrop to move your photos between different iOS devices
  • Learn to Print directly from your iPhone

Expanding your iPhone camera skills will allow you to be more creative with your Photography.